With support by John Selway, Stephan Bodzin, Perc, Technasia, Xhin, Tony Rohr, Dean Facer and many more. The catalogue number 013 on the Berlin label Phunkit Records is at the same time the starting shot for the first vinyl release. And exactly this one shows down-to-earth techno from the capital, elaborated and cunning, by the artist duo Takt Tick. The actual overhead conveyors and host DJs from the tresor club present trend-setting productions. The name U1 is, brought to the point, a little journey through the time of Berlins underground. The a1 side sends the listener on a trip which is coined by dynamical passages of highs and crispy bass parts. Uncompromisingly does the rhythm chase around the focused, flogging consonance and the slowly modulated intervals with short breaks. On the b side: Whisper, a subtle peak-time monster which does not know any kind of holdup, full of energy and only waiting for the chance to make the strobes lose their wind. Black Worms is a b2-bomber for sure. With its dusky sounds, it is solidly rolling without downward movement. Shady, resonant, consequent and remorseless.

big thumbs up here, will play for sure. – John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway & Tony Rohr/John Selway)

u1 is a bit over the top for me, but i like b1 a lot forplaying it in a techno set! very good! – Paul Brtschitsch (Rootknox)

B2 for me. Nice track – Samuli Kemppi (Prologue)

all three have something interesting…like the darkness of it. Cheers! – Secret Cinema

Black Worms is my fav from these tracks a nice industrial vibe good stuff. – Ben Long

cool and moody – thanx – Slam

yeah. whisper for me! – Stephan Bodzin (Systematic)

darknesss …..yes yes yeesss – Laurent Garnier

whisper or black worms maybe – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records)

great deep stuff ! Support ! – D.Diggler

The Black Worms track is my favourite, I really like it. – Perc

dark! – Alan Fitzpatrick

will play the A1! thanks. – Joseph Capriati

Whisper is the one. – Technasia

Yo Yo… Techno!!! Real good!! – Luciano Esse

diggin these tracks will try them out! – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings)

nice release … I like the sneakiness of „Whisper“ – Noice Podcast Series

Yes, I’m feeling this one. – Xhin

U1 will play big bomb!!! – Arnaud Le Texier

Dark and rollin‘. Thanks. – Konrad Black

i like whisper – DJ Emerson

A1 U1, Really really crisp… The beat structure is intense but not too intrusive or aggressive. The landscapes of this track are fun, happy but at the right dosages not over exaggerated.. I rate this release a 8 on 10 Peace Out Teknobrat from CANADA… – Teknobrat

Yeah, nice rollers here… I think Black Worms is my pick here – Leonard Posso

U1 is a monster. Me likey likey. – Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave) (John Selway & Tony Rohr/Tony Rohr)

Nice sounding tracks 🙂 – Pig & Dan (Cocoon)

raw and sinister. any track called black worms sounds good in my book… – Bryan Zentz

killer A1 and B2, the ones for me! – Angel Molina

teKKno!! fitting to the trend that electronic music is going to be a bit harder finally. good and solid tunes and quality as usual. – Andreas Henneberg

Whisper is DOPE! I love this whole record. Killer hats and rides on Black Worms. HUGE release and congrats on the debut vinyl! – Alland Byallo

U1 ist ein Gassenhauer und peak time Techno. – Raveline

bombing elements, massive stuffs!! – Different Grooves

All tracks seem be very friendly 🙂 I’ll go with the A-side – Niv Hadas

solid release. A1 and B2 could be effective, if used right. – Mnmlmssgs

relentless jackin‘ groove….. fully supporting….. review to follow – Dean Facer (Our House Magazine)

great techno stuff ! – Rapha (Partysan Raum Neckar)

nice! B1 is my pick for sure, love how the groove changes in the break! – Sam Allman (FWD)

a solid release that will rock the floors. interesting to see what this duo can come up with in the future. – basso.fi Radio

Great release! Soon in Clubbingspain.com – Raul (Clubbing Spain)

Wow, great ep!! U1 and Whispers are very cool – Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!,)

downloaded for r hawtin – Richie Hawtin

and many more…

big thanks!!!!